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Mobility and Exercise Rehabilitation - How fit are you?

The Frailty Team's exercise classes are currently on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic – we hope to be back very soon.

All patients referred to our exercise classes will be taken through a few fitness tests to help us understand their starting point.  This is really helpful as at the end of the exercise programme – usually 10 weeks - you should be able to see some real progress. 

Our classes cover a mixture of flexibility, strength work, balance and coordination and they also include educational discussions.  You may attend one class a week and be provided with exercises to complete at home, perhaps another one or two times.

Patients are referred to these classes by their GP or from other services from within East Coast Community Healthcare.  Our classes are suitable for those who are able to travel into clinics.  For anyone who needs more help to reach this stage, we are also able to support exercise programmes in people’s homes.

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