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About us

The Frailty Prevention Team is a specialised team within East Coast Community Healthcare, covering the Great Yarmouth and Waveney postcode areas.  We work together as a team, using our collective experience and knowledge to provide the best support for you. 

Occupational Therapists

An occupational therapist can do a thorough assessment of how you move in your home and outside environment, and help to provide support to make this as safe and accessible as possible using equipment, adaptations and exercises.


A physiotherapist can help you to regain strength, flexibility and confidence to move well following a period of inactivity caused by a fall or illness.


Our nurse can support you with a medications review, diabetic health reviews and pressure wound care.

Allied Health Professionals

Our team of assistant practitioners can visit you to assess your needs and order many types of helpful equipment. They will often follow up on previous visits from physiotherapists and occupational therapists to check on your progress to make sure you are still recovering well.  We also have access to exercise therapists who run strength and balance classes in clinics and at your home.

We work closely with other areas of East Coast Community Healthcare and can refer into other services such as Dietics and Continence. We can task your GP if we feel it would be beneficial for your health and refer to social services and to the local councils for home adaptations.

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