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Home Assessments


If you meet the criteria for a home assessment, we may visit your home to establish how you move around it and make some recommendations for adaptations and equipment that can help you.


 This could include:

  • Getting in and out of the house – grab rails, steps, low threshold doors
  • In the lounge – raising your sofa height to make sitting easier, suppling new chairs such as high back or rise and recliners and providing cushions to prevent pressure sores
  • In the bathroom – supplying shower chairs or stools, raised toilet seats or toilet frames, grab rails or making onward referrals on for walk-in showers and wet rooms
  • In the kitchen – supplying stools to sit on to make activities easier, practising tasks to help improve everyday activities such as making food and drinks
  • In the bed room – providing special beds, mattresses, bed rails, commodes and practising getting in and out of bed

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